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Protect Your business name, logo and business assets with Federally Registered United States. Trademark or Service Mark.

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Service Mark Prices

  • U.S.P.T.O. mandatory fees between $200 and $400 per classification.

  • Our fee $425 plus $75 per classification.

  • Minimum total for 1 Service Mark with 1 classification. Between: $700 - $900.

  • Prices are subject to change at any time. USPTO adjusts Trademark & Service Mark prices regularly.

Federally Registered U.S. Trademarks & Service Marks

Protect Your business name, logo and business assets with Federally Registered U.S. Trademark or Service Mark.

How We Play A Role In The Proceeding

We: conduct a clearance search to determine availability of the mark, we complete the application, we follow up with the entire 13 month process, we provide expert advice on how the choose the mark, and act on any office actions or issues that may arise.

A Trademark Is Not Required But Highly Recommended

A U.S. Trademark is not required but highly recommended. The Benefits of obtaining Federal Registration or a Trademark are: It provides Nationwide protection for your business, business name, business assets, logo, plus more. Also, it's tangible evidence of an intangible asset. The consequences of not obtaining Federal Registration or a Trademark are: Someone else can buy the mark, leaving your company in jeopardy of being sued for: Trademark Infringement, counterfeit, royalties, monetary damages and more. Also, you might be forced to destroy all your inventory, surrender your website and domain.

What Is A Trademark vs. A Service Mark

The difference between a Trademark and a Service Mark is: A Trademark is used for goods and products and a Service Mark is a Trademark used for services. Services Marks are used to distinguish services from products or goods. Both TM Trademarks and SM Service Marks become Federal Registration. Which is an R with a circle around it ®. A Trademark can also be a: word, slogan, symbol, design or any combination of these. A Trademark can also be a sound, color or smell. For businesses and business names a Trademark is a brand and brand identity associating the mark to services or goods. It is the face your company!

What's The Difference Between A State Trademark And A U.S. Trademark

State Trademarks are completely different than U.S. Trademarks. A State Trademark only provides statewide protection for your business and not Nationwide protection. Unlike a U.S. Trademark, someone else can buy the mark in a different state.

More Trademark Information

Both TM Trademarks and SM Service Marks become U.S. Federal Registration. Which is the circled R ®. Your logo and business name are two separate Trademarks. You need to Trademark your logo and your business name.

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